According to the Property Index September 2012, the diamond market is the fastest growing investment market in the world. The gap between supply and demand is increasing yearly in double digit figures and this is constantly reflected in prices. Read more


GCX are committed to sourcing gold for our client’s at the most competitive global prices. We believe that during this period of global financial downturn it is more important than ever to gain value for money and ensure that you are able to maximize on an asset class that has become a safe haven for institutions and individuals alike.

Property Funds

Global Commodity Exchange is the advisor for property-based UK recovery funds which aim to capitalise on property investment opportunities presented by the economic crisis. Our fund allows investors to benefit from exposure to property without the day-to-day hassle and expense that this would normally entail. Read more


Anticipated revenues from the big screen release, DVD sales and broadcasting rights mean that royalties are expected to be forthcoming for the NEXT 25 YEARS! Investors can expect returns within the first 12 months of worldwide release which is estimated to be early 2014.